Reducing waste at Croome and across the region

Some positive developments over the last day or so:

A successful TT Drinks in Malvern on 20th October brought together almost 20 people, without much in the way of publicity, to chat about transition issues and come up with a few thoughts to take further. See Transition Malvern Hills site.

It’s reported (Worcester News) that a farmer in the Malvern Hills District, at Croome Farm, has got planning permission to turn large quantities of locally-sourced green waste into compost for his own use.

And for bigger overall impact, hopefully, one of six “zero waste places” across England announced today is the West Midlands region. “The West Midlands will create a Zero Waste Region, focussing on businesses and organisation that produce a large quantity of waste, identifying region-wide waste infrastructure needs, improving co-operation and cutting business waste right across the region. ” News release.

What’s caviar got to do with peak oil?

The News collector (aka news feed aggregator) over on Transition Malvern has only been going for about a week, so its early to judge the balance of items coming in from the sources I’ve selected (and Transition Culture went on holiday just as I plugged it in). But there’s definitely some interesting stuff, and for once the American bias of some doesn’t get up my nose.

A post on ‘Peak Caviar‘ doesn’t sound very promising, but it has a nice little explanation of how the bell curve often used to illustrate peak oil could be too optimistic. By going all out , pushing production past its ‘natural’ peak can lead to a steeper decline.

Small steps to transition

The establishment of a full-blown website for Transition Malvern (powered by Drupal) has put me in a temporary quandary. Where should I post relevant news items – there or here? For the moment, as the project and site settle in, its here.

The Transition Town bunch in Stroud have organised an “Open Homes for a Sustainable Future” weekend, 13th and 14th September. An opportunity to visit homes around Stroud, see renewable energy in action, discuss energy efficiency and get advice on eco-renovations. Mainly for locals I suppose but a few interlopers from Malvern might be OK. See Stroud Open Homes website.

Moving on climate change in Malvern

There’s a new section on the MalvernGreen site, Transition. A Transition Towns initiative is in its early stages (the first meeting of the interim steering group was last night) and this is its initial web presence. At some stage it will expand and probably move elsewhere. The web link to quote is:

Do add your comments and watch out for further developments in the next few months.

Transition Town is about reducing oil dependence and increasing resilience, as well as addressing climate change.

(item updated with new link, 29/7/08)

Weeds are plants too

Once again the people  running ‘Malvern in Bloom’ appear to want to eradicate anything which doesn’t produce pretty flowers. There seemed to be MiB backing to remove the Belle Vue plane trees to “improve” the flower planting around the island and now they are after the “weeds”.

Weeds are just plants in the wrong place – but who gets to decide what the wrong place is? Having seen the pictures in the printed version of the Malvern Gazette article “Weeds could scupper In Bloom chances again“, I’d go with the more natural look and hold off poisoning the place with weed killer.

Just my view.

Oh, and I’ve just come across this little cycling attachment idea, aptly called the Bloom device, entered for a design competition at Design 21. This will raise MiB’s blood pressure no doubt: “Seeds are co-mingled with a bubble mixture and upon pedaling to your destination , you release the floating seeds which land in cracks and crevices throughout the city streets. Over time, the seeds grow into flowers and plants to create a green “fringe” to our sidewalks and streets. “

ART for Amnesty

Amnesty International Malvern Hills group and Malvern Quakers

Free exhibition & sale 2008

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10am – 5pm Daily, 2pm-5pm Sundays

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Friends Meeting House, 1 Orchard Rd, Malvern